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Total Pageviews: 291,432 (Peaked May 9th with 15,672)

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Total Pageviews: 106,657

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The official Heart Rhythm 2019 Scientific Sessions website is viewed all year round by prospective attendees worldwide.  Premium locations are available on the homepage, landing pages, and internal non-CME pages—delivering your message to Scientific Sessions attendees and industry representatives.



  • Sponsor’s graphics included on location(s) and for duration(s) of purchased ad.
  • Sponsor’s advertisement hyperlinked to preferred URL.
  • Post event analytics will include overall page views and click through rates for the duration of the ad placement; the Heart Rhythm Society cannot guarantee click through rates.
  • Note: All advertising spots will rotate among other purchased spots and the occasional Society house ad.

Supporter’s Involvement and Timeline:

  • Contributor must provide advertisement in electronic format for approval by Heart Rhythm Society. This includes providing specific image sizes for the advertisements and preferred URL.
  • Confirmations will include specifications and deadline dates.

Monthly Variable Price Sheet (Per Ad):


Heart Rhythm Webpage Banner Advertising


Click to view sample placements of each available location(s)



Scott Zeller



The Heart Rhythm Society reserves the right to revise any aspect of this sponsorship to preserve the integrity and professional atmosphere of the meeting.


The Heart Rhythm Society is NOT responsible for website malfunctions.

Heart Rhythm Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales & Management

Heart Rhythm Webpage Banner Advertising

Heart Rhythm Webpage Banner Advertising