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Industry Pre-Conference Education Day

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Heart Rhythm will be offering industry one (1) dedicated day to provide educational programming during Heart Rhythm 2022. Industry Pre-Conference Education Day program space is available on Thursday, April 28. This dedicated day will provide extra opportunities to disseminate educational content to attendees without competing with Heart Rhythm 2022 programming. The audience may be comprised of both registered #HRS2022 attendees as well as industry-invited attendees.


  • Included with #HRS2022 program information
  • Program listing in the Industry Education Guide
  • Promoted on Heart Rhythm 2022 Industry Pre-Conference Education Day webpage
  • Programs are included in the #HRS2022 Mobile App and Online Planner
  • Pre-registrant list for a one-time direct mail use (list is GDPR compliant) (Note: direct mail piece must be approved by the Heart Rhythm Society to receive mailing list)

Date: Thursday, April 28, 2022

Program Suggestions:

Program Suggestions:

  • Position your company as a thought leader in your therapeutic area, while meeting the accredited continuing education needs of the heart rhythm community via educational sessions for #HRS2022 attendees. Please note that HRS is not responsible for accreditation.

Product Related Education

  • Schedule a product presentation to educate attendees in a theater style seating
  • Interact with professionals in a private setting to train them on your technology and equipment in a “school room” or hands-on environment
Educational Satellite Symposium (lunch or evening) $35,000
Educational Satellite Symposium (breakfast) $30,000
International Attendee Only Satellite Symposium $15,000
Fellows-in-Training Program $7,500
Allied Health Care Professional Program $7,500

Funds will be applied toward your Infinity Circle contribution.

The Heart Rhythm Society reserves the right to revise any aspect of this sponsorship to preserve the integrity and professional atmosphere of the meeting.

*Note: Sponsorships will be recognized via text in print pieces containing ACE programming/content as per ACCME guidelines.

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Educational Satellite Symposia & Educational Support
Kathleen Sheridan