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Individual Sessions (ACE Activity)

Comprised within the Educational Specialty Tracks are Case-Based, Case-Based with a Complicated Case, Core Curricula, Courses, Debates, Hands-On Learning, Hyde Park Sessions, Joint Sessions, Featured Symposia, Translational Electrophysiology Sessions, and Tutorials.

Case-Based are instructing groups encouraging audience discussion with faculty; cases will utilize an Audience Response System (ARS).

Case-Based: Complicated Cases are instructing groups encouraging audience discussion with faculty using complicated cases; these highlight the learning opportunities which resulted from them.

Core Curricula are didactic sessions in all major categories that provide comprehensive, timely information relevant to the care of patients or to research.

Courses are didactic sessions providing in-depth updates on hot, new topics, and are aimed towards advance practice individuals.

Debates are spirited debate sessions on controversial issues.

Hands-on Learning sessions provide an opportunity to participate in engaging, tactile training on industry’s latest technology and therapies.

Hyde Park are freestanding, slide-less sessions where an appointed speaker introduces new or controversial ideas or techniques.

Joint Sessions are sessions that focus on the importance of innovations to improve the lives of patients suffering from heart rhythm disorders; presenter from partnering associations in the field of EP.

Featured Symposia are cross-discipline showcase sessions with subject matter experts and may be clinical or research focused.

Translational Electrophysiology (TE) Sessions are intended to help scientists better frame research questions in terms of clinical problems while enhancing the evidence-based practice of clinicians. Each TE Session is assigned a Translator, chosen for his/her recognized ability in applying fundamental scientific principles to the clinical practice of electrophysiology.

Session Details: 2022 Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions Online Itinerary Planner

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Enduring Opportunities Option

Cost: $5,000 per session (multiple supporters available)

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