Virtual Start-Up Showcase

Looking for a way to break into the electrophysiology market? #HRS2020 is providing a package tailored to you that is affordable and provides access to nearly 8,000 cardiac arrhythmia professionals. Our objective is to provide a high-quality digital outreach platform on the #HRS2020 Mobile App in order to get your products, services and/or concepts out there. Build your presence in the market with the goal of on-boarding as an exhibitor in one to two years’ time.


Opportunity is limited to only 10 qualifying start-ups showcase listings.



  • Mobile app listing will include ‘Virtual Start-Up’ category tag to enable app users to filter within the #HRS2020 mobile app exhibitor listing portal distinguishing your company from onsite exhibiting companies
  • Company logo displayed beside company name
  • Detailed listing includes the following:
    • Company Name
    • Company Description
    • Company Website
    • Customer Service Email
    • Search topics related to product/service/concept for in-app search engine discovery
    • Two (2) collateral pieces linked at the bottom of the listing (URL, Video, PDFs, etc. – link must be hosted by sponsor in required size and format)


Terms & Conditions

  • Location: Start-up must be either an incorporated online business or office-based business whose product(s)/service(s) fall within a category that would qualify them as approved by the Heart Rhythm Society
  • Funding: Startup has received initial funding and investments of a minimum $500K, but have not shown a profit within the first 1-3 years of operation
  • Employees: Minimum 10 FTEs (Full-Time Employees)
  • Participating companies are eligible to qualify for two (2) consecutive Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions and are not obligated to attend the meeting


Price: $3,750 each (10 spots available)




Susan Waters

O: +1-856-344-3615



The Heart Rhythm Society reserves the right to revise any aspect of this sponsorship to preserve the integrity and professional atmosphere of the meeting.



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Virtual Start-Up Showcase
Virtual Start-Up Showcase
Virtual Start-Up Showcase
Virtual Start-Up Showcase
Virtual Start-Up Showcase